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The Parent eHELP Research Lab

Our research seeks to use technology to identify and address non-treatment-seeking pregnant and post-partum patients with unhealthy substance use and connect them with services and resources. 

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Our Research

The Parent eHelp Research lab is based out of the Michigan State University Division of Public Health in Flint, MI. Our research focuses on technology as a way to identify and address non-treatment-seeking persons with unhealthy substance use, particularly pregnant and postpartum women. The majority of our research uses the Computerized Intervention Authoring System (CIAS), an easy-to-use software developed by Dr. Steve Ondersma to create digital interventions. CIAS is open source, non-commercial, and allows anyone to create a digital intervention without any coding experience. In addition to our current research, we are interested in using CIAS to partner with the Flint community to address health disparities and promote health equity. 

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Easy-to-use, non-commercial research resource for development of digital health interventions 



e-Screening, brief intervention, & connection to care for behavioral health during pregnancy



SBIRT with motivational interviewing for women who drink alcohol while pregnant

Women's eHealth

Featured Publications

Improving Diabetes Management in Emerging Adulthood: An Intervention Development Study Using the Multiphase Optimization Strategy

April Idalski Carcone, Deborah A Ellis, Susan Eggly, Karen E MacDonell, Samiran Ghosh, Colleen Buggs-Saxton, Steven J Ondersma

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