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Digital behavioral health interventions made easy

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The Computerized Intervention Authoring System (CIAS), v. 3.0 is an NIH-funded (7U24EB 028990-02) non-commercial research resource that allows development of sophisticated, interactive digital health interventions without barriers related to either programming (no coding needed) or cost. Built following user-centered design principles, CIAS 3.0 is intended to dramatically accelerate the process of developing, testing, and sharing digital health interventions.


The current version of CIAS supports development of interactive and tailored web/mobile web apps, tailored text messaging plans, custom reports for participants and providers, easy generation of personalized normed feedback interventions, multi-session scheduling, natural language reflections, easy embedding of videos or images, an emotive narrator with many engaging animations and high-quality Text to Speech capability, full HIPAA compliance, compliance with WCAG 2.0 accessibility standards, text to speech support for approximately 45 multiple languages, repeat randomization, and aggregate data visualization. The following release will include automatic translation into any language, intervention flow mapping, and integration with CAT-MH. Additional features being developed include the ability to conduct a Timeline Follow-Back interview, secure live chat, additional narrators, and a participant home screen facilitating multi-session interventions and e-learning.  Click the link below for additional information about CIAS 3.0 and how to gain access.

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