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What's Happening?

Michigan State University and the Healthy Flint Research Coordinating Center are planning a community Appathon.

What is an Appathon?

An Appathon is an event that brings people together to solve a problem. Our Appathon is similar to an event called a hackathon. A Hackathon lasts between 24 and 48 hours and is dedicated to a specific topic or challenge. The participants work in small groups to create new concepts, ideas, and prototypes. The result of a hackathon is a new product, service, or business model. Groups often present their final product and a panel of judges select a winning team.

Our Vision:

Flint community members will work together at annual Appathon events to develop web-based apps and interventions (using our software, CIAS 3.0) to promote health equity. Participants will work in teams with app developers, video producers, and researchers to create web apps that address health issues in their community. (No coding skills needed!) 

What's the first step?

Interested community members will help us design the Appathon and learn how to use the software to create these web-based apps. (Seriously, no coding skills needed!) Click the link below to register!

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